Welcome to Insouciance Abroad

Insouciance Abroad was founded on the concept that each group has its own unique needs, challenges and expectations, and that each group deserves the opportunity to receive the kind of personalized attention needed to realize their travel dreams. We take your travel experience very seriously and we are here to help you create the perfect trip for your group.

We Have a Passion for Travel - Everyone that works at Insouciance Abroad loves to travel, thrives on new experiences and works to learn about cultures, to bring you the very best of each culture and to guide you in the development of your trip.

Focus On Groups - Our entire business is about groups, just like yours. Each and every day we work with groups to put together trips that overcome the challenges of traveling as a group while bringing awe inspiring experiences to each traveler. Our entire history has been based on groups, we know what works an what doesn't, so you can rest in peace knowing things will go smoothly.

Our Commitment to Your Group - Our goal is to provide you with the best possible group tour package. We work with every budget, thrive on solving logistical challenges, all while making sure that your experience is exceptional.

Our Services


With negotiated group rates on established carriers, blend your capacity and budgetary needs while keeping safety and facility in mind. Given the current travel hurdles, IA will also handle baggage and equipment concerns for your group in as efficient and cost-effective manner as possible. For travel related to specific departments...

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